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Product title:Baking 40 degree.C Low humidity Dry Cabinet E40C-790

  • Product detail:E40C series is a plug and play, fully auto dry cabinet which will be stable at 40degree.c and <= 4% RH . it is especially designed for moisture sensitive SMD Package to comply with J-STD-033B .

    Baking 40 degree.C Low humidity Dry Cabinet E40C-790


    E40C series is a plug and play, fully auto dry oven cabinet which will be stable at 40℃ and <5%RH. It is specially designed for SMD packages to comply with J-STD-033



    Temperature &Humidity range        

     40, <5%RH

    Display precision                                

     ±1, ±3%RH

    Outside dimension                                


    Inside dimension                                









     110 V/220V (select voltage in advance)

    Power consumption                                

     Ave. 300Wh; Max. 600W


     1mm thick carbon steel with antistatic paint


     Handles, airtight magnetic sealers and reinforced glass


    Four 3″wheels, two of them with brake

    Grounding wire                                

     1MΩ(940mm long)

    ESD Paint                                                

     106--109Ω(surface resistance)

    Baking 40 dry cabinet is suitable for ambient temperature >15.


    Two main functions:

    -Wider application in resetting the floor life: Moisture sensitivity SMD packages which are exposed to the air and exceed the floor life should be stored in the E40C series for resetting the floor life.(see J-STD-033 ). For example, If MAD parts of MSD level 4, 5 and 5a are exposed for less than eight hours, they can be stored in a dry cabinet for resetting the floor life. However, if their exposure time is longer than eight hours, the SMD packages should be stored at 40 in a E40C series to reset the floor life.

    -Labor saving: SMD packages shipped in low temperature carriers may not be baked in a traditional high temperature over the temperature higher than 40℃,as it will cause deformation of the carriers. Storing in E40C series, operators do not need to remove the SMD packages to thermally safer carriers. It saves labor cost and eliminates the chance of damaging the carriers.



    -Modular design: This is a modularly designed dry cabinet. The main modules are display controller, power box, dehumidifier, shelf, caster wheel and cable. All of the modules can be replaced easily.

    -Green design: The performance of the dry cabinet can be upgraded by just changing the modules. There will be no waste materials created to pollute the environment. The old modules can be collected and sent back to the maker. Dryzone dry cabinets can be used as long as the cabinet structure is in good condition. It means that the product life could last for 10-20 years.


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