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Product title:Smart automatic cleaning ionizing air blower ZK-KF-21AW

  • Product detail:smart air blower, automatic cleaning ionizing air blower, ionizing air blower

    Antistatic ESD Automatic cleaning ion fan ionizing air blower  Antistatic ESD Automatic cleaning ion fan ionizing air blowerAntistatic ESD Automatic cleaning ion fan ionizing air blower

    Product Description

    This ionizing air blower is a kind of static eliminating equipment putting on the desk which supports balance ion flow and huge coverage. It is able to neutrilize and eliminate the static charge which spreading widely and not easy to touch. It is desire eleminating equipment of delicate electronic products, medication line of set-up, printing, packing, and delicate products.Discharge effect is still reduced from 1000v to 10v.It is used in the thousands level clean room.It is a excellent industrial product in eliminating static electricity.



    Wildly used in electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductors, plastics, films and printing industries.


    operating normally

    Fan alarm

    The indicator light is on when the fun is stuck or doesn’t rotate; meanwhile, the buzzer sends out alarm sound.

    Fan air flow


    Voltage regulation mode/ applied voltage

    high frequency AC method/2200V

    Ion balance

    Within ±10V (measuring distance 300mm)

    Destaticizing time

    Within 1.5s (measuring distance 300mm)

    Cleaning timer set time

    Can set within 1-999 hours

    Ozone generation amount (ppm)

    Within 0.03ppm (measuring distance 150mm)

    Service environment SJt

    Indoor 0~40℃

    Service environment humidity

    15~75% (no condensation)

    Overall size/mm





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