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Just like the other ESD furniture used in the modern world industrial sector these days, the trend of the utilization of the ESD Trolley can be observed all over the world. The Detall ESD trolley and ESD cart collection will offer a solution for material circulation in different workspace and material storage in assembly industry.

The huge collection of the Detall ESD trolley and ESD carts are produced and designed in such a wonderful way that they have become capable of adopting the modular structure that can be combined into various configuration for any usage and environment. The modular parts in these ESD Trolley can provide different functions for the trolley to make trolley ergonomics and functional in the way which the user like and should be able to meet the physical demands as well. They are well equipped with the modern world requirements including the modular storage cabinet, shelves, drawers, panels and power strips. As an outcome, they can be adopted for any purpose.

After checking the collection shown below, you will come to know that the Detall trolley are high quality in nature, versatile in usage and can be utilized as a PC-station, measuring station and mobile storage in addition. The ESD trolley and ESD carts collection provided by Detall are not only able to cover all your needs in a simple and a pain free method but on the other hand, they are designed in a unique manner that will grab the attention of the viewers in their very first glance. Consequently, your office demands will be met by purchasing any of the ESD trolley and cart from here as well as, they will provide a new look which will be pleasing to the eyes. If you are looking for the Non ESD versions then they are also available.



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