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ESD Chairs

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As you know that we have to spend at least eight hours in the sitting position at our chairs every day thus due to this fact, the quality and comfort of working ESD chairs is the most important work tool for your health and productivity at one fell swoop. This is the major reason that the utilization of the ESD chairs can be seen in almost every reputed organization working on the face of this planet these days.

For this purpose, the Detall ergonomic working ESD chairs are most appropriate seeing that they are able to fit your body and accommodate your work style. They are designed in such an exclusive manner that they can support you in the areas you need the most that ultimately results in encouraging a healthy sitting posture in order to keep you relaxed and remove the chances of getting repetitive strain injury (RSI).

For the prime goal of facilitating the EPA (ESD Protect Area) and ECA (ESD Control Area), Detall offers the ESD Polyurethane and ESD fabric chairs that are able to meet the ESD control demands. On the other hand, the ESD Polyurethane chair has the characteristic of easy cleaning, while the ESD fabric chair is breathable and soft as well.

We offer ergonomic working ESD chairs for all body types while keeping the requirements of the physical needs with the factors presented below.

  • Arm rests

  • A comfortable cushion

  • adjustable seat height

  • Adjustable back rest height and angle

  • The ability to swivel and/or roll around

Since the Detall ESD chairs are easy to use, comfortable, and meet the medical requirements in an easy and a trouble-free way, that’s why they are most appropriate for you. On the other side of the coin, the Detall chairs are available in a very low price.



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