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Cleanroom Coat

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Cleanroom Coat 


Clean clothes / anti-static clothing / clean clothing / anti-static clothing

A, our anti-static clothing, clean clothing has many advantages. Introduced in the design and manufacturing process based on kinematics and physiology HAD (Human Active Dynamic) system to ensure clean clothing fabric quality, but also even with Dacron suture filament fiber lines or conductive lines, effectively preventing the seam line self-generated dust. Meanwhile, in various production sectors to develop extremely detailed standards, strict quality management. Through a variety of testing equipment for fabric and clothing were rigorous testing, and simulation work under their own clothing state distribute test dust and electrostatic properties.

B, unisex, elastic waist adjustment;

C, hats and coveralls shawl fused;

D, cuffs, leg opening elastic adjustment;

E, with 5mm pitch of the conductive fibers woven into a high-density polyester filament fabric, excellent antistatic properties.

F, including three-piece jumpsuit jumpsuit, cape and cap soft-soled shoes.

G, has a good anti-static and dust-proof effect, prevents the escape of dust from various parts of the body, can be used for a higher level of cleanliness. And with the use of masks can be used for environmental CLASS 10. Applicable to CLASS 10,000 more than cleaning up the environment, general electronics industry, LCD manufacturing, pharmaceutical products manufacturing industry, the semiconductor industry, the head of production industry, chip manufacturing, wafer and other purification levels of ESD and productive area required.

H, anti-static overalls with the following applications:

1, bio-pharmaceutical and food industries: pharmaceutical production and management in line with practice (GMP) for wearing in class products "smooth texture, does not produce static electricity, do not shed fibers and particulate matter" requirements, 120-140 ℃ can withstand repeated high temperature and high pressure steam sterilization.

2, semiconductor, microelectronics industry: clothing in line with the national standard GB-1201489, the amount of charge <0.6uc / pieces, anti-static shoes resistance value of 0.5 * 105--1 * 109 ohm.

3, oil and gas, chemical tanker shipping, coal industry: explosion-proof clothing used when operating to prevent electrostatic potential safety problems, avoid the explosion occurred.

4, anti-static overalls can eliminate static electricity caused by personal clothes, tangles increase wearing comfort and beauty. And it has the advantage of easy to stick dust, easy to wash.

The company is willing to first-class quality, quality services, to provide a safe, healthy and comfortable for the user to ensure that all walks of life. We warmly welcome customers to the company guidance, to visit!

As a partner of many famous brands, with its excellent quality and service to ensure employee occupational health, safety environment and a better future!



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